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Does your country have a JC2033 ambassador? If not, why don’t you become the first one? Become part of the…

…over 140 JC2033 ambassadors in 42 countries* who have made this vision of celebrating the 2000 years Jubilee of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ their own. Ambassadors who use their calling, gifts and connections with Christian leaders and churches within their sphere of influence to spread the vision. They develop different projects of unity, share this life-giving hope, and celebrate the Risen One.

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Do you want to be part of an amazing faith adventure in Nepal? 

Nepal is a country with one of the fastest-growing churches, especially the evangelical and charismatic churches. Over the last decade, the Christian population has increased by 40%. On June 3, the Government of Nepal released caste, ethnicity, and language stats based on Census 2021. As per the data provided by the Government of Nepal, Christianity is rising in the country. Based on the report the Nepali population who follow Hinduism is 81%, Buddhism is 8.2%, Islam is 5% followed by Christianity 1.7%.

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Technological advances, changing communications media, social inequalities, ecological can we keep the Gospel relevant in the midst of these upheavals?

 The Forum for the Future of the Gospel was held in Istanbul from October 8 to 12,  2023. Organized by the World Evangelical Alliance, the event brought together over 250 leaders from 60 nations to reflect on the future of the Gospel in the world in the decades to come.

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What a great joy it was to bring together JC2033 friends in Switzerland for our annual meeting on September 2, 2023! It was a festive and inspiring meeting for the 120 people who came to the Palais de Beaulieu in Lausanne, the very place where the “Lausanne Movement" was launched almost 50 years ago.